ZYCOO are proud to announce our latest iSpeaker model the B20

Like the C20, the SIP based audio system iSpeaker B20 utilizes the built-in paging capability already inherent in most modern IP PBX systems and enhances this to improve end user experience by providing a dedicated high performance digital amplifier on which to broadcast announcements or play background music.
The B20 differs from the C20 in several ways.

1. B20 is for public announcements only and unlike the C20 does not support intercom functionality
2. B20 has higher amplification capability (10W) than C20 (3.5W) and is designed for deployment on large sites such as shopping malls. C20 is more suited to smaller sites such as school classrooms
3. C20 supports P.O.E but the B20 does not
4. C20 has audio in/out port but the B20 does not
5. There are physical volume controls on the B20 that are not present on the C20